Annual Rating & Land Tax Assessment - July 2017 PVAWA

Annual Rating & Land Tax Assessment – July 2017

As a property owner, you would have recently received your annual rating and taxing notice for 2017/2018. It is worth reviewing the determined value of your property (either Gross Rental Value (GRV) or Unimproved Value (UV)) to ensure you’re not overpaying relative to other property owners in the same area. 

For a nominal initial fee Property Valuation & Advisory (WA) can review your assessed value(s) and advise if an objection, which is to be lodged within 60 days of issue of notice, is warranted.

If the initial review identifies an opportunity to mount a viable objection to the assessed value, a detailed assessment can be undertaken at a negotiated fee and a formal objection process can be pursued.

Early intervention and pre-assessment negotiation has proven to be a highly cost-effective solution.  We have significantly reduced property tax imposts before disputes progress from objection to appeal.

Our experience has shown us that statutory assessments used for rating and taxing purposes do not always reflect market conditions or movements as at the valuation date, and do not always adequately reflect the particular idiosyncrasies or constraints that a property might possess.  It is imperative that all of these factors are understood and reflected to arrive at a correct assessment which does not overstate the value of the property for rating and taxing purposes.

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