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Property Valuation & Advisory (WA) undertakes a broad range of valuation and consultancy instructions, and has specialist knowledge and experience in a number of select areas

Property Valuation & Advisory (WA) has broad valuation and consultative experience in many areas, including:

  • Aged Care/Retirement Villages/Hospitals/Medical
  • Apartment Development
  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Financial Reporting
  • Industrial
  • Land Subdivision
  • Prestige Residential
  • Rent Reviews and Determinations
  • Retail
  • Taxation Assessments (GST, CGT & Stamp Duty)
  • Tourism/Leisure Licensed Premises
  • Wineries/Vineyards
  • Leasehold Interests

Other more specific areas of expertise include:

  • Compensations - Road Widening and State & Local Government Acquisitions
  • Feasibility Studies and Financial Analysis
  • Litigation
  • Property Consultancy – We have acted as part of a Consulting Team on the following projects:
    • Northbridge Tunnel
    • East Perth Redevelopment Project
    • Subiaco 2000
    • Orrong Road/Albany Highway Road Realignments
    • Fremantle Port Authority Restructuring
    • Kings Square (Fremantle) Redevelopment
    • Brownlie Towers Regneration Project
    • Ridgewood Affordable Housing Estate

In addition, property consultancy is provided in the areas of state/private joint ventures, residential subdivision and large unit developments, tourism and leisure projects, residential and aged care feasibility studies, and licensed premises. We have developed specialised expertise in project and cash flow analysis.